1. 97gsr_coupe

    4g93 turbo conversion

    hey, looking to put together a parts list for putting a turbo on my 97 lancer gsr coupe and was debating whether to buy a kit or miss and match parts which I've discovered will be the cheaper option. The goal is to have a fun weekend car that will not be a daily driver. I'm aiming to get around...
  2. K

    4g93t gsr ecu

    I have a ck4a gsr with a steel case ecu has anyone any idea on what ecu is a direct plug and play for tuning? I cant find an after market one that is direct plug in without swapping pins
  3. D

    4G93+S Mirage

    Gday, hoping to get some answers from you all, but before then I thought I’d introduce the car, it’s a 4g93 swapped 1996 mirage with an AMR500 bolted where the aircon should be. From what I’ve been told it’s running a CeddyMod Speed density rom. And between 3 and 5 psi at the moment (F ALL)...
  4. B

    Quiet aftermarket catback (or just muffer) suggestions?

    Hi guys, I have an Auto 2001 Lancer CEII Sedan GLXi with 4G93. I am currently running the stock exhaust, and previously had a cheap ebay cannon that was very droney and obnoxious. I bought a replacement stock muffler but didn't realise it wasn't stainless steel and hence didn't apply a...
  5. M

    auto 4g93 conversion to manual with 4g15 gearbox

    hey guys just wondering what ill need in order to pair an automatic 4g93 with my 4g15 gearbox and what the process will be. Sadly I had the 4g15 machine blow on me for no actual reason so :( any help is appreciated, thanks
  6. CheetahSpeed (Jake)

    V6 Magna Throttle Body on 4g93

    New to the forum. Has anybody ever done a V6 magna throttle body on a 4g93??? the bolts are in the same place I just dont know how I'd hook up the wires, ill probably need to drill out the intake manifold too... anybody know how to do it though?
  7. LanceOne

    1.8 to 1.5 Transmission Swap

    So ive got an old 1.5 coupe in the garage and a 1.8 sedan daily, I was thinking off removing the 1.5 gearbox and swapping it into the sedan. Will it be a straight swap or will I have any issues? This will be my first major job on the car, any special tools needed? Both stock, manual transmission.
  8. L

    4g93 turbo

    Hey guys. I'm new to the tuning world, but I've got this really clean 2002 mirage/lancer LS. I've been researching for about a month now online how to turbocharge it, but still feel unsure of myself, this being my first foray into turbo land. I'd appreciate any input from you guys. I've got...
  9. A

    Roof rust

    I need a permanent solution to the common roof rust, something to fix it permanently not temporarily. Hopefully someone had done so or knows how? I have a spare roof (drilled the spot welds out of a spare car and took it off) but i would prefer to fix the roof in the car as that would mean i...
  10. V3N0M

    4G93 into Mirage

    Hey Guys So I know what you are thinking "this has been covered a bajillion times man" and you're right but what I want to do here is create something solid A for sure yes you need that no you don't need that Long story short the Prancer has met the end of it's life and there is just no point...
  11. L

    4G93 engine rebuild/refresh tips

    (first post on here, sorry if I do something wrong) I have a 1994 CE Lancer Wagon, 260,000km on the clock. Slowly over the last few years I'm fairly sure I'm noticing a decrease in power across the rev range. Definitely a dramatic decrease in power at low RPM and when cold. I've been running...
  12. C

    4g93 Engine removal

    So pulling the 4g93 (1.8L) out of my 2000 CE lancer I've done RWD but never a FWD and wondering what do i do about the drive shafts, do i have to completely remove them from hub and gear box or can i just flick them out of the gear box and leave them attached to the hubs? Thanks for any info.