ce lancer

  1. 0

    4g15 Supercharger

    I've looked but can't find anything so that's why I'm posting. Has anyone supercharged a 4G15 if so what did you use and how did you do it plus how much it cost and yes I know engine swaps and turbo are better but I want something different. Cheers
  2. Lowdownlancer

    Flash tuning locations

    Hi all, I am wanting to start a discussion on flash tuning locations for a the na ce lancers I am unsure of any locations and im sure othere are looking for recommendations. Anyone know anyone in brisbane and pricing?
  3. V

    Cheap Pads CE Lancer

    Anyone looking for a cheap set of pads highly recommends these Tora pads, no brake dust and bite in nicely. Bought them here https://www.onlineautoparts.com.au/products/ZPN-23837
  4. S

    Engine build - ideas, general knowledge, motor basics/physics

    More a technical discussion than anything else , did copy paste to an engine discussion board hence why it's so vague about Lancers lmao but I feel this is a good place to post also Wanted to get kinda a general discussion going about engine sizing and outputs etc more than about my actual car...
  5. B

    CE track build help

    Hey everyone, First time playing with lancers and just after a bit of help. Building a dirt cheap track car for 24 hours of lemons racing (if you don’t know it look it up! Great fun). Anyway have an ‘02 CE 1.8 and wondering who in Vic if possible can help me delete the immobiliser and what...
  6. DirkOz

    Newbie from Canberra CE Lancer EVO 5 Clone

    Recently bought an unfinished project CE Lancer that's been fitted with an aftermarket EVO 5 body kit. Has fibreglass side skirts, front bar and big rear wing. Came with spare original EVO bonnet [Bonnet was Sold $1,000] (still in it's box) spare original front and rear bumpers and the small...
  7. pLethora

    Brake Upgrade Information V2.0

    After discussing with Donki who had originally created the first thread for this we agreed it would be best to create a new one for the information I have been working on. I have been compiling and cross refrencing information regarding brake upgrades recently and have been trying to get it to a...
  8. Mark My Word

    Roadworthy Blues - Send help, call mum.

    Hey everyone, I am not new here but this is my first time posting, so please go easy. I am looking for your help with costs, best locations to get items and tricks to get by. I have a '98 CE lancer 1.5l, to get a roadworthy on, I have the list and will attempt to attach it to the thread. I am...
  9. P

    Upgrading headlight globes

    Hi all, I Purchased my Lancer CE MR a few months ago. Loving it, only problem being the other night i went for a drive it was sprinkling and realised i couldnt see much I couldnt even see my headlights at all i had to get out double check that they where on, i could see heaps more just from...
  10. mystique11

    Service Scheduling!

    Okay, As far as I know, there is most likely a service schedule post on here somewhere, but I am yet to find it! I am looking at doing a service on my 2000 MR, It's at 275,000! Any recommendations as to what sort of service I should be carrying out? I'm getting a friend to help me, as I have...
  11. L

    4G93 engine rebuild/refresh tips

    (first post on here, sorry if I do something wrong) I have a 1994 CE Lancer Wagon, 260,000km on the clock. Slowly over the last few years I'm fairly sure I'm noticing a decrease in power across the rev range. Definitely a dramatic decrease in power at low RPM and when cold. I've been running...
  12. Geonthur

    '02 CE Lancer to Evo 7 Steering Wheel

    Hi Everyone, I have been searching and searching and i am getting mixed information on this question. Will an EVO 7 steering wheel fit onto a '02 CE Lancer? I have an airbag so an aftermarket wheel with an airbag is the only choice and i have heard EVO 7 wheels will fit but there is also a...