1. B

    2017 Lancer 2.4l

    I'm in need of some help. I want to turbo my 17 lancer AWC 2.4l, I asked several shops around me and got nothing back. The best I heard was one shop couldn't do it cause there isnt programming out yet to tune my lancer if i put in a turbo. Also what size should I go with if I am able to get a turbo.
  2. L

    4g93 turbo

    Hey guys. I'm new to the tuning world, but I've got this really clean 2002 mirage/lancer LS. I've been researching for about a month now online how to turbocharge it, but still feel unsure of myself, this being my first foray into turbo land. I'd appreciate any input from you guys. I've got...
  3. S

    My First Mitsubishi

    Hi everyone tomorrow i get my first Mitsubishi a 2010 ES SPort Lancer and was looking through this forum and cant wait to start modded and getting great advise off of people of the forum :)
  4. Josh34

    4g15 turbo help

    hey ya guys. i bought a "turbo kit" last night for my 4g15 2003 mirage. it came with basically everything i need (t25 turbo i think, exhaust manifold, 2.5" exhaust dump, all cooler pipes, evo5 interooler, "upgraded injectors" not sure on size on stock fuel rail with fuel pressor reg, new sump...
  5. W

    Turboing 4G94

    Yo so I have a few questions, one is it worth turboing my car, two how much would it cost roughly and three does anyone know a good place in Perth to do it? Cheers
  6. L


    Hi guys I've been doing some research and basically trying to find a turbo kit for my CE , I've been reading up on eBay turbo kits and how terrible they are and everyone seems to have paid 500-800 from either speed daddy or some other one can't recall , but atm I'm looking at a $1,500 kit from...