1. 0

    4g15 Supercharger

    I've looked but can't find anything so that's why I'm posting. Has anyone supercharged a 4G15 if so what did you use and how did you do it plus how much it cost and yes I know engine swaps and turbo are better but I want something different. Cheers
  2. lalaman

    Mirage 4g15 to 4g94 conversion

    Hey guys, Just completed my conversion in my 2001 Manual mirage and it looks factory. Going brilliant 2 weeks in and need a bigger clutch already have a HD clutch to install so good to go. Anyone interested in what it takes heres my shopping list. Donor car was a 2004 CH CG Lancer Manual...
  3. C

    CE mirage sleeper

    Hi everyone, Long story short, I couldn't use my left leg for 4 years after a car accident. I needed an auto SUV and ended up with a cw6w outlander, which was my first misubishi, and it thoroughly impressed me compared to some of the competitors. So soon as I could us it again, I had to get...
  4. M

    auto 4g93 conversion to manual with 4g15 gearbox

    hey guys just wondering what ill need in order to pair an automatic 4g93 with my 4g15 gearbox and what the process will be. Sadly I had the 4g15 machine blow on me for no actual reason so :( any help is appreciated, thanks
  5. A

    Alza's lil miraju

    Hi all, I might as well intoduce you to myself. I am the owner of this lil mirage that i got for 500 with a months rego. Currently has one of the highest milage mirages i have seen with 326,000kms from the 4g15. This car has travelled from cairns to Melbourne twice in this life and now it...
  6. LanceOne

    1.8 to 1.5 Transmission Swap

    So ive got an old 1.5 coupe in the garage and a 1.8 sedan daily, I was thinking off removing the 1.5 gearbox and swapping it into the sedan. Will it be a straight swap or will I have any issues? This will be my first major job on the car, any special tools needed? Both stock, manual transmission.
  7. CoopsTAS

    4G15 Mirage won't rev

    Hey guys i'm extremely new to this page just after some advice/help with my 2003 mirage... So I bought this car a couple days ago and it's been running like clock work until last night when a mate decided he'd try and be funny and pull 2 plug leads off.. Car hesitated to start at first then...
  8. Grinfelds

    4g93 turbo vs 4g94 turbo

    Hi guys I have a 97 lancer gli with a 4g15 engine in it. I really want to do a engine swap with either a 4g93 turbo or a 4g94 turbo. Can anyone tell me if it’s even possible and if so which one has more potential for power.
  9. Josh34

    4g15 turbo help

    hey ya guys. i bought a "turbo kit" last night for my 4g15 2003 mirage. it came with basically everything i need (t25 turbo i think, exhaust manifold, 2.5" exhaust dump, all cooler pipes, evo5 interooler, "upgraded injectors" not sure on size on stock fuel rail with fuel pressor reg, new sump...
  10. B

    Mitsubishi Lancer CE2 2000 4g15

    I bought this 2000 Lancer for my first car and I have very little knowledge of cars but after looking around I realize that this car performance is average. I was wondering if anyone could help me out on if I should bother modifying it. I was also wondering is my Lancer the same car as the...