1. Gus 05 vrx

    RPW Billet cam 4G94

    hey everyone I was planning to put this cam in my vrx lancer but couldn't find any info on any of the supporting mods it requires (if any hopefully) I'm planning to build a track car out of it so yea any help on that as well would be amazing...
  2. T

    2002 CG VRX help :)

    Hey all, I am new to forums and would love some advice on my newly bought 2002 Lancer VRX, I am wanting to change the front bumper and grill as the twin nostril grill is.......not that appealing. I am currently running 15" wheels and wondering what size would be too big, and offset and tyre...
  3. PapaG

    Thoughts on CH lancer pod filter?

    Hi Everyone, first post. I was wondering what everyone thinks of putting a pod filter on the 4G69 or if someone has done it. I have seen that the "performance enhancement" of pod filters are a myth based on dyno comparisons. I figured on a CH lancer it'd be more the sound that the mod would be...
  4. G

    Rattle noise in 2008 Lancer VRX

    Hey guys! I'm here with a lancer vrx 2008 automatic with the engine 4B11, recently a small rattling sound comes each time when de-accelerating and it fades away right after each stop. 1. I tried to putting the gear into N and braked. Still the same. 2. But, it goes away when I turn off the...
  5. J

    Front end conversion

    If I want to put the black front end on the blue car is all I need if the bar and grille? TIA. Any anybody know why there's two different style front bars or when it changed or whatever?
  6. JaydoM8

    2006 vrx modifications?

    Wondering what I can do to my car performance and looks wise Already got an exhaust system and not too sure what else to do I am wanting wheels and more low and what's the best but cheapest brand do it, not earring much money as a teenager Help me with some ideas