1. lalaman

    Mirage 4g15 to 4g94 conversion

    Hey guys, Just completed my conversion in my 2001 Manual mirage and it looks factory. Going brilliant 2 weeks in and need a bigger clutch already have a HD clutch to install so good to go. Anyone interested in what it takes heres my shopping list. Donor car was a 2004 CH CG Lancer Manual...
  2. Y

    99 Mirage build

    Hi there, currently in the process of gathering parts together to start a build on my partners mirage Already been engine swapped with a 4G93 but now we are currently going to fit a 4G94 turbo setup that was pulled from a CG Lancer.. My main struggle at the moment is finding aftermarket...
  3. S

    4g94 4 Door Imitation Evolution Project.

    Hey all, I'm new here on the site and am seeking some views and opinions on which you would choose. Aim is to use a 4g94 in a 4 Door from CJ or CH Series, and then to Bodykit and Badge it out to look like an Evo. Problem I have is which Evo to choose to replicate the externals? I was thinking...
  4. D

    4g94 swap for 4g69

    Hey guys and gurls! I'm fairly new to cars still and about to do an engine swap after my timing belt slipping in my 2004 CH ES lancer with a 4g94 in it.. So a legend of a friend has giving me a 4g69 out of a 2005 CH ES lancer.. My question for you gods of the lancers, how hard is this going to...
  5. W

    Turboing 4G94

    Yo so I have a few questions, one is it worth turboing my car, two how much would it cost roughly and three does anyone know a good place in Perth to do it? Cheers