Crank Angle Sensor

Discussion in 'CE Lancers and Mirages' started by joshie, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. joshie

    joshie New Member

    yes mate thats my problem have spark,fuel,new ecu,crank angle sensor and dizzy and still nothing, what have u tried?
    is there a thread on yours?
  2. tryg

    tryg New Member

    have you tested the injector wire? Is there a signal coming from the dizzy? If you have the dizzy in correctly, the spark will notionally meet with the atomised fuel. Have you checked the timing is not off? Both dizzy timing, but also timing belt/cogs etc...? Must have all the correct conditions for detonation....
  3. mdclear

    mdclear Active Member Lifetime Premium Member

    check your immobiliser, that stop injector pulse. so maybe your immobiliser is stuffed or the key code isn't matching
  4. joshie

    joshie New Member

    the immobilisers been disconected for years on the car, could it all of a sudden play up ?
    yer checked both those relays they both seam to be working fine, im going to replace them both any way has any one got a none genuine part number for them?
  5. tryg

    tryg New Member

    if they're a five blade relay, just go to Repco/Autobarn/SCA etc and buy one.. they usually are generic. If it's a four blade relay, replace with four etc....
  6. Citta

    Citta Member

    yeah that supposedly works...when ur car actually starts.

    thus why i was replacing the CAS in the first place lol
  7. tryg

    tryg New Member

    Better using a gun than staring in the 'Darwin Awards'....when your jack/stands drop and your car bends itself or you...!
  8. joshie

    joshie New Member

    So problem fixed!
    Haha I fel so stupid right now..

    It's was only human error..

    When we got the car given to us it had about 20 keys on the key chain so the night before the car died I decided to take all the extra keys off.. Not knowing one of the keys was the original key snapped In half with the transponder/decoder for the immobilizer built in to it!

    Haha my bad..
    $280 on parts to try fix it later!
  9. tryg

    tryg New Member

    nice work!
  10. Kicky

    Kicky New Member

    Ouch, that was an expensive lesson!
    Those keys are expensive too... $90 for a genuine mitsu key...
  11. joshie

    joshie New Member

    Yer no skit...
    $99 for the ecu
    $88 for the dizzy
    $22 for the efi/fuel pump relays
    $000 for dumb arse!

    Yer I no there no cheap at all but I won't need it aslong as the broken key with the decoder on it is on the key ring with starter key.
  12. joshie

    joshie New Member

    Ecu and dizzy now for sale lol
  13. Liam Hood

    Liam Hood New Member

    I agree I went through same issue with 1.5 lancer. Replaced everything in car, almost got rid of it till I checked dizzy highly recommend it

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