Lightened flywheel bolts


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Hey everyone, fitting an extreme lightened flywheel (part no #FMI111C) to a 4g93. Firstly looks like I need longer bolts, they get 4mm less thread into the crank.

Next I have 3 shims on the standard flywheel, one on the crank side and two on the clutch side. What are these For because the inner definetely won’t work on the new flywheel

Lastly the bigger issue is the flywheel mating surface to the clutch is 4mm shallower (as in closer to the block) than the original one. I believe I can make this up By winding out the clutch fork pivot and putting a washer But no idea on how much.

Any advice would be really great, cheers


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Re: longer bolts: (&Pending the thread Too) you could try some flywheel bolts from a triton Diesel engine. They’re about 5mm longer than standard petrol engines. This is what I did on my v6. You should be able to get one to test from the wreckers

check for teeth alignment in the starter motor. Use shims if required. The thin little one with the small hole is only for the clutch tool dowel alignment.

as for depth of the flywheel: not sure. Maybe measure it all up and draw the clutch fork like a seesaw on paper, and then change the pivot a little and see how that effects the throw on the slave cylinder side? Hope this helps


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For anyone wanting to try this, good luck, I gave up.
Ford 2.0L zetec flywheel bolts work. And if you wind out the clutch pivot point (7mm by memory) it will disengage the clutch.

The main issue I couldn’t fix is that the starter motor doesn’t mesh with the flywheel properly. It will start but makes does grind/catch and even only trying it 5-6 times was starting to damage the teeth on the flywheel. You could maybe shim the flywheel out further (will need longer bolts again, probably custom made) or You could possibly modify the starter or find a different starter that would bolt up but it was I this point I gave up. Good luck to anyone willing to give it a go. Will be emailing Extreme Clutches to see what they have to say and if anything relevant comes back I’ll update the post.
Ah yes, I have dealt with issues like that many years ago. They actually fabricated a new flywheel to match the dimensions it should be to engage the starter motor. The part number I have fitted is FMI018C.