Why aren’t CH’s popular.


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First time posting, did have a quick search but I might not of searched in the right places, so yeah just a general question as I have a 02 VRX and love it but I noticed CE’s are a lot more popular amongst lancer enthusiasts and I’m just wondering why?


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Personal preference I guess.

You will find crowds that like the Evo 4-6 better than the 7-9 and vice versa. They are just very different designs in the body.
Im not too keen on the CH as there are loads more curves in the body shape and I just enjoy a more rigid strait shape so the CE series appealed to me more and also when I got my CE the CH was about 2.5x-5x the price but the CG was another car I was looking at too, far less popular than a CH but I like the boxxy shape. Under the hood they are all basically the same so I think preference on the body design is the main reason.

Nothing is bad about the CH series, they even came with a bigger engine in some models but they never made a coupe so I never had an interest


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Cesario nails it pretty well.
The Auslancer forums started to target the still new (well, out of production by maybe 5 years) CE series. There should be other forums dedicated to the CG/CH, but i dont think any really took off, and people from the CC to the CH sort of congregated here, and the the CJ folks moved to their own forums (the CJ has a very large and very active community).
The CE is also supported by the Colt UK forums and the Mirage Performance Forums (USA), and both of these international groups have a following for the other generations of Lancer.


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There is a massive following for the CS (Cg + CH) shape in the USA. EvoM forums and the like are very active along with facebook pages. They call them OzRally and a few other odd names that were marketed strictly at the USA, so if you search those, you’ll find the groups.

mostly the DIY’s are very similar from the CE section too, if youre after support/mods.

Also probably to note, CE’s came in 4 variants, sedan, hatch, wagon and coupe. The CH was only available as a sedan or wagon.


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Cheers, yeah I’m on all the American Facebook pages as the Aus ones are pretty dead, I assumed it was based on looks more then anything as the 4G69 is considered the “big block” of the lancers and can handle tuning pretty well.


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speaking for myself only, i like the CE's because they still had what i think of as "pre-y2k small car style". around y2k or so, new small cars started seeming bigger, probably due to side airbags and other new safety features adding extra bulk, before style depts had really learned to make it work? in my eyes the CG and CH are a little too big to scratch the small car itch, but if i wanted a "big" car for practical reasons they'd be too small

all that said, the CE coupe is longer and maybe wider than my mazda 2, so this is really all about subjective perception and not the slightest bit quantifiable lmao

speaking of subjective perception though, i only like the CE coupe shape. i don't really care the slightest bit for the mirage, sedan, wagon, or evo. that could be a factor for others too, since as SDate42 observes, the later gens didn't have a coupe option. if you just want a used small hatchback or sedan, there's a stack of contemporary options, you don't need to buy and fix up a 20 year old car. but if you want a coupe your options are pretty limited to start with
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