Takata Airbag dramas continue.


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Finally got my Alpha Takata passenger side airbag replaced today at the Local Mitsubishi Dealer, I received at least 7 letters and phone calls, but refused to take the car in, because of doubt of quality of the replacement Beta “Takata” inflators they were using.

QLD transport announced last week that they would be cancelling registrations for cars that didn’t have their airbag replaced, apparently the max deadline to complete all replacements will be 31 December 2020 or earlier, also Insurance companies will be looking at cars that don’t have their airbag replaced as well, the QLD Transport will be sending out defect notices in the next few weeks to owners of affected vehicles, failure to act will result in registration cancellation within deadline, man, talk about peer pressure!

The orig. alpha model Takata airbags have a 1 in 2 chance of spraying shrapnel at 300 km/h even with a low speed impact.

Apparently NSW and Vic are the only two states that have not yet agreed to the rego cancelling penalty.

I’m glad I held off because the Mitsubishi dealer told me that the airbags that have been replaced already since the start of the recall, many if not all will have to be replaced again in 5-6 years, due to deterioration of the 2nd.replacement beta Takata unit over that time, but the new Diacel units will not need to be replaced in the future (we’ll see?)

The new replacement passenger side airbag that they started fitting recently are direct replacements to Takata made by the Japanese “Daicel” Corporation.

Apparently “Takata” has gone in receivership (no surprise there) and the name has been acquired by the “ Key Safety Systems Inc” for 1.6 Billion, which is the Chinese owned U.S air bag maker, that agreed to buy Takata corporation, with plans to unify the products under its own brand and expand ties with other airbag suppliers including the Japanese “Daicel” Corporation, to ensure quality of all future supplies.