Sydney Northern Beaches Evo Mechanic?


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Hi All

New to this forum so hi to all and thanks for the add.

I am looking for an Evo specialist mechanic on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.
I have had a quick search through the threads but was unable to locate anyone.

I anyone has a recommendation I would appreciate it.




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Hi Kim,

Welcome to the forums. Not aware of any Evo specialist in the Northern Beaches but there are these places;
TME in Springwood,NSW.
EliteProTuning in Riverwood, NSW
Meek Automotive in Seven Hills, NSW

Those are just off the top of my head. All are well known in the Evo community and are recommended.


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Thanks staahnaah.
Will give the top two a try. Chris Meek isnt answering his phone!

I am desperately seeking rear trailing arms. (The ball joints are worn and the bushes are shot!) :(