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  1. I have had my Lancer for 2 years now and the only thing I could say that I do not like about it from new is the shock absorbers they are are ok for just plodding about, but with the power that this has the std shocks have been just 3rd rate rubbish when you start pushing it hard, I can not find any high performing shocks at all, they are all std type of crap.

    I don't want coil overs, just good quality damping that will cut it and all will be fine.

    Anyone know where or how I can do this, I have look at brand names on the net but only std damping type crap I can find, I thought that at least Monroe would have at least a reflex or GT Sport
  2. Anyone who can help with better performance shocks, I don't want to fork out for coil overs, just better than the standard crap. the rear shocks are real weak from new as you hit the brakes real hard they let the rear lift to high topping out.
    The Car is to powerful for the shocks with the big 2.4L
  3. frosty7

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    KYB, Sachs, Boge. All standard type but mated with some king springs standard or slightly lowered will give a much better than standard feel.
  4. peregrine

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    If your looking for better handling and lowering there are stacks available.
    However if your looking for comfort and compliance there is absolutely
    NO HOPE!!!!!

    If you do find something let me know. Softer springs appear to be the only
    option but doesn't seem to b right, could be detrimental.
  5. I have look for shocks for my car of all brands and have only found std types.

    I would not touch the springs and would never go lower at all, as I know how to set cars up better than most pro's who just spin crap, the geometry of the car is just fine, it's just the lack of damping when you get up it, sitting on 180 to 210 KM/H is just total crappy due to the lack of damping.

    Maybe I should look get new shocks and try to have them re valved to what I am after.

    I have raced dirt bikes from 1974 so I understand damping and geometry.

    All it needs is better quality damping and all will be fine as std shocks are crap, like most Asian cars shocks are rubbish and have to go in the bin directly if you are going to drive the car hard.

    I am retired now but I use to do 50.000km a year and change shocks by 40.000km if they even lasted that, but 40.000km is about the limit as even the best start go down hill from their, doing a lot of out back roads and dirt as well.

    I am just after something I am happy to push the car to it's limits with and feel fine and at ease with doing so, I like the GSR and are happy with everything but the damping when I want to drive it hard then it's a pain not to mention dangerous.
    The ABS is rubbish on loose stone dirt roads as is with all ABS a button for that crap would be great relief for safety and the traction control and ASC is best switched off as ASC is a joke on dirt roads and annoying not to mention can be a danger, it nearly put me off line to a bridge on bitumen road the first time I cam across it, I was flat to the boards on a real winding twisting small up and downs road and wham, I had to make a real evasion maneuver with the steering real quick, I would say it's fine for most and great on wet roads if a fool was to lost control.
  6. frosty7

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    Bilsteins can be valves to your specs and would do exactly what you seem to want but the springs will be softer and less sporty at high speeds.
  7. I will look for the Bilsteins then, thanks ! but the spring rate will do me just fine.

    I had a Holden SS and at 255KM/H the stock springs were fine, she sat well on the road like a rock and could do that from the QLD border to Darwin easy as in comfort but I just set the cruse on 240KM/H made it easy cruse in 5TH gear. 6TH could do only 190KM/H flat out.

    The GSR I want to be able to cruse at 180KM/H as it can do that at that speed fine as you are not pushing it and then wined it out to 210KM/H in some spots so not to get bored.
  8. ccturbo

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    Why on earth do you want to be able to cruise at such ridiculous speeds? Sorry but that's *fudge*ing stupid.
  9. SDate42

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    BC northern territory has open speed limits. He probably needs to travel for work or family. When I first read this I thought it was weird too lol
  10. ccturbo

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    I thought they put 130km/h limits on those roads?
  11. SDate42

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    Idk maybe he has a private road to mexico??
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  12. peregrine

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    At those speeds in a standard car and our roads. Its just a matter of time before catastrophe hits.
    Lets hope if it does its you and not some other unfortunates that cop the brunt!
  13. Ha ha I lived in Darwin in the 80's but 180 is a good relaxed speed to travel long distance and you don't get bored when going to Brisbane, once you hit QLD the roads were rubbish and you had to drive to the conditions.
    But I had a Kawasaki ZX10 and she had a cruse speed of 240km/h good on fuel at that speed as well just as my Holden 308 was still good on fuel at 180KM/H, go over that and fuel economy was a problem.

    I am sure that most people would freak out at speed but once you travel at such speeds you just get accustomed to it, have you all ever driven in Europe they drive at such speeds a lot.

    Thing is if people do not comprehend what they are dealing with, like most of stupid aussies who have no idea and just steer a car and are totally ignorant of everything, never check tyres or pressures etc and drive only 10.000KM a year sit back and just claim bag driver training as a sin and have no idea how to control a car if they were to loose it in a spin etc and then claim the high and mighty of their ignorance and posted speed limits as god.

    But I hate traveling long distance like so, getting bored as just to put up with such crap, I would go from Darwin to Camooweal or Mount Isa in a day, it's as boring as because there is nothing to see, but swollen cows and looking out for roo's.

    But if I am going back this year I want to feel comfortable, the way it is when you jump on the picks the rear end just shoots up and topes out due to lack of damping and this tosses the car off line even more so with the weak damping control, so you don't have confidence that you will always have full control at all times regardless, so if a roo jumps out I am not worried at all I can deal with it directly like I have done many a time.

    If you are incompetent and your car is crap such a person is 1000 times more likely to come into strife regardless what speed they are doing. you drive to the conditions and your ability.

    Driving a truck at 110km/h is fine because you have to think more and this keep you awake, but a car is not like that, towing is another thing as well.
    Some crappy rubbish I have driven like a Datsun Homer once, my arse was not touching the seat much at 100km/h it was such a handful to drive, but it's legal to do such a stupid thing.
  14. I understand your position and agree most people are a real danger even on the road at the speed limits because they are totally ignorant and can't drive for jack and speed in all the wrong places, I am like what the hell is some fool doing driving as such in some spots and I don't know how many d heads sit on 80 on the highway and 80 in the 60 coming through small towns or speed up when they come to double lanes they are a total menace on the road and when you are driving a truck they have no idea their ignorance and stupidity is beyond belief, but they think they are right.
  15. donki

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    A 1200kg "sports" hatch will not ride as well as 1700kg V8 sedan, the added weight of the car helps to keep the car settled. From your description I'm not sure what you want exactly - good stable handling at high speeds, or stiffer for corners? Its near on impossible to have both.
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  16. As I may of pointed out that 180 is fine in this car and 210 is possible, it's only the damping that's lacking.
    Stability is the whole point it sits well cornering in tight stuff no need for springs or sway bars, I am not racing you know just plodding along with care and attention, the 2.4L loves to sit on 120km/h and with a tickle it will bus up to 180 as easy as pie it's no sweat at all it loves it, that were driving this car is all at, this is it's sweet spot, just taking it easy 120 to 180. but damping can be better and when you start to get up it it's only the lack of good damping that rears up as crap, take it as a review of the cars capability's .
    A great car let down by lack of rubbish shocks, all would be fine for some base model Lancer driver to just plod around in total ignorance, but not what a GSR should be and it's only the lack of damping that lets the car down.

    Only a idiot would lower the GSR, some city slicker trying to show off trendy crap, but I know driving all over Australia that the std springs are just fine.

    And I am not some novice driver as I have raced cars and bikes driven trucks and I am retired so 180 is not big deal on the NT highway at all, it's now 130 km/h more cars are on it now, but hey if you feel you should slow down in a situation you can do that you know and if you are doing 210km/h it had disc brakes front and rear that can was away speed very quickly the brakes are great on it, it's not a HK Holden with drum brakes all round and rag tyres, and the highway is as wide as and spot on, not like the crap we drove in the 1960's and 70's that were everywhere just a one lane highway where you got 2 wheels of on the dirt when another car came the other way, not to mention we drove across bridges with trucks passing by the other way that are now only one way and that's how useless drivers are nowadays they would freak out, ha ha talk about pathetic ! and a lot of people in them days sat on 80mph on them roads in QLD and the cops were not worried about such at all.

    People are paranoid about speed nowadays because of the Socialist Marxist agenda that everyone is seen as the lowest denominator and everyone is equal, well fact is no one is equal and not everyone is the lowest denominator.
    I sit within the speed limits in town city big city highway because that is best rule to follow, I don't go doing stupid things like most ignorant city people do when cars are merging on to the highway or sit to close like many fools do, or sit in the wrong lane hogging the road, boy when are we going to get speed limits like Europe has faster you go, then you head on out to the far lane, it's just logical but Australians are f ing to stupid to understand reality nowadays.
  17. peregrine

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    Yes! would like to improve the ride and it seems re valved shokers are the only, hopefully, available option in Aus:
    My car is just a MY15 ES Sport, general running in suburbia. With occasional runs at legal 100kph and 110kph speed limits.

    Have improved comfort with no apparent loss in handling. After just 3000ks threw the bloody 205 60 16 Yokohama tyres in the bin.
    Fitted Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus 215 60 16 tyres at 24psi Immediate reduction in noise levels in the cabin assisted with
    my on going sound deadening, and a more comfortable compliant ride.

    Now able to converse in whispers at 110kph.
  18. Looks like Gabriel Ultra maybe the shock for the Lancer I could get, I will try them in the rear first and see how they go.
    The Guardian Gabriel are a std type they say, so Ultra may be ok.

    I had a set of White Pedders fitted to the wife's Holden VS Commodore when the originals were replaced at 60,000km and this was what they claimed them to be a type of Gabriel from what I remember they said back in 1999 or so, maybe valved different or not for them? but they were a real good shock for giving a great ride, nothing sporty mind, but bloody good ride that never got out of control or harsh, it just ate everything up, it was great valving controlled.

    I was saying to a mate just how good the roads from Brisbane to Charleville and back to St George and Brissy were before the big the floods in the VS commodore, live axel rear as well mind and he went mental about the state of the roads but too me they were way above what I ever expected but he drove a Holden Colorado out that way, he owns 2 of them and they are a bucket of crap and so was his Rodeo before that, just horrible 4x4 to be in or drive, I can't stand being in them, one brother just bought a new Colorado and says it's worse than the Great wall he had for handling, he recons it needs a stronger sway bar, but I would think it's the shocks that are crappy.

    They are like being in a boat getting tossed around all the time, old mate just put new cheap shocks in the front of one and I think it worse than the stock shocks as his wife dropped me off to drive the other one back maybe 20km away and I was going to say what a bucket it still was if not worse than before, but she was in one of her moods, so I let it go.
  19. peregrine

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    Have you fitted the Gabriel Ultras, if so whats the verdict!
  20. peregrine

    peregrine Active Member Lifetime Premium Member

    Rang Koni, they claim they can fit what we are looking for, while ride may be a bit firmer but will definitely be more comfortable
    Cost around $1500 for all front and rear. Or variable valving etc expect the best of both worlds performance and comfort for
    a mere 5 or 6 grand!!!!!

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