Seat Upgrade Info - Evo Recaro, FTO, ect.

Discussion in 'CE Lancers and Mirages' started by ARC, May 28, 2013.

  1. pelican

    pelican Active Member

    tall peeps who’ve upgraded their seats: did you gain headroom? what did you switch to?

    i’m about 186cm give or take. with the mr seat adjusted as low as it’ll get i still only have an inch or so of headroom, which i think would be cutting it fine when i start tracking in a helmet?

    i plan to put proper seats and 5/6 point harnesses in at some point, should i expect these to sit lower or higher than stock seats?
  2. donki

    donki Administrator Forum Administrator

    Most of the time, a proper seat with proper rails will sit much lower than stock seats. Swapping to Evo Recaros will give you about 3-4cm of headroom, but a proper race seat will be right on the floor, partially to help with lowering the centre of gravity
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  3. Dutch

    Dutch Active Member

    I'd say go straight for an aftermarket seat+rail if that's your plan down the track anyway. You'll gain masses of head room and the driving feel is transformed - best thing you'll do to the car.

    If you are going to do a heap of kays then get a genuine seat (sparco, bride etc) but if you'll only ever do short trips then an eBay copy Bride will suffice. I've back to backed a genuine Bride Vios III (~$800) with an eBay copy of the same seat (~$300) and I could only do an hour in the eBay one before I was hating life. The genuine seat? I spent 3 hrs in it yestdy and another 8 today and I'm fine hahah, it really is that comfy.
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  4. pelican

    pelican Active Member

    i’ve got my eye vaguely on velo seats, cause they have a few models that are both fia and adr approved, which fits my vague street-legal race car plans, but that’ll be further down the track (zing). first step is getting it re-reg’d, and the stockies will do for that... unless the inspection finds something wrong with them, anyway

    thanks for the responses, it’s reassuring to know seat upgrades will increase, not decrease, my headroom
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  5. Johnzy

    Johnzy Member

    Just wondering if tgere is any more info about fitting evo 7 seats to a ce?
  6. cesario

    cesario Well-Known Member Lifetime Premium Member

    you will need some evo 4-6 rails to make life easier then its just a matter of grinding off some tabs on the rails, bolting it all together and your done, i have that setup in my car
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  7. has anyone tried to put vt, vx, vy, vz seats in their lancer i want to
  8. ccturbo

    ccturbo Active Member

    I'd imagine they'd be too big but you could try test fitting one?
  9. Josh34

    Josh34 Member

    Not sure if anyone has asked yet but has anyone tried/put gtr seats into there ce lancer/Mirage?
    I found a set hell cheap and wondering if it would be easy enough to slap in
  10. are they r35 seats or r34/r33
  11. Josh34

    Josh34 Member

    I found r32 gtr and r33 gtr seats cheap
    34 and 35 seats are crack money
  12. get the the r32 or r33 ones
  13. Hugh-CE

    Hugh-CE Well-Known Member State Event Organiser

    I'm sure there are ways to get them in, but would involve custom rails or custom mount.

    For the trouble and spend on the secondary, I'd definitely look into evo or proton recaro's. The evo 4-6 bolt directly in and at worst Recaro has ways to mount some of the later model seats into earlier model cars.
  14. i found some manga vrx seats are they any good?
  15. unclepaulie

    unclepaulie Well-Known Member Lifetime Premium Member

  16. moshdog

    moshdog New Member

    hey guys does anyone know if brz seats will bolt onto evo 4-6 rails , looking at upgrading my seats in my ce lancer
  17. ARC

    ARC Administrator Forum Administrator

    Not that I’ve heard of yet. You might need to pioneer it yourself.
    Like any seat that’s not made for it, it would be interesting to see if it can be made to work. Then know if it’s solid and safe.

    Then you have to factor in cost vs reward. Are the Brz seats cheap enough? What to rails cost? How much time and effort do you have to put in to it?

    For what it’s worth, I’d just keep an eye on gumtree or the Facebook parts groups and wait for some evo recaros to come up. I saw a decent pair for sale last week for $600.
  18. unclepaulie

    unclepaulie Well-Known Member Lifetime Premium Member

    Seen it done overseas. Needs custom rails but they’re a very good seat. I want to try it myself one day
  19. moshdog

    moshdog New Member

    yea, I'm going to measure up the seat in my mates 86 as a start, then look into finding both the rail and the seat to see if they can be mated or weather a custom rail is in order, or i will try and get some evo 4 recaros, trying to retain the rear seat access which is why I'm trying the 86 seat and they're a really nice seat too.
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  20. Jtrain

    Jtrain New Member

    Sorry if i missed it but will gen 2 proton recaros fit a ce coupe without modification? I only found mention of series 1.

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