New rotors. Funny noise.

Ok, so just chucked in a new set of front rotors and pads to replace the slightly warped ones that were on the car. Left rotor kind of drags slightly at 180* intervals, so two "swoosh" noises per revolution by hand but it builds into a loud "chika-chika-chika" noise at road speeds. The noise doesnt seem to change with light braking.
No pulling to one side, no vibes under braking. Everything working and feeling lovely. Infra red heat gun showed no discernable difference between both sides after brake in run.

Im sure its something pretty stupid and commonplace to experienced mechanics?
Just thought i'd post here before i go and whip the caliper and rotor off again to find i cant find anything wrong with it again. :angry:


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Standard OEM replacement rotors or an upgrade? Ive had clatter before, but its been because either the rotor isnt installed square with the hub, or ive forgotton to tighten a bolt on the caliper bracket or something.
Was the caliper piston in good condition/easily moves in and out?
RDA standard replacement. Caliper seemed fine, probably should have cleaned it a bit better (at all) before i squeezed the piston in, but doesnt seem to stick. Caliper pins seemed to slide ok. Didnt touch them. Yeah maybe there is a bit of crap between the rotor and the hub. I tried wiggling it and blowing it out, i better just get in there and pull the whole thing off.
Just seems funny all that noise but no other symptoms.


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Just seems funny all that noise but no other symptoms.
Agreed on this, especially with the infrared gun. Only other thing i can think right now, try jacking up the car and rotating the wheel and seeing where it clicks on rotation and go from there.
Cheers Donki. Yeah Ive done that. Definitely getting two "swoosh" noises at 180* apart. Not a click. Like a sandpaper noise. Just gets real loud when driving.
The disc doesnt show any signs of stupid wear either. They came with a carbon black finish so you can really see the machine marks after the first drive and they look perfect (so far)


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This can be a regular thing to happen for cars with new brakes fitted. On the euro cars often a hard road test, to get the brakes up to temp and bedded in correctly can rectify this. However it can take maybe 500km for this to go away entirely.

as you have no vibration under braking or any speed of travel, I wouldnt sweat so hard. Try lofting the rears off the ground and spin the wheels around for comparison. You may find they make a similar noise too and you are tuned into it after gaving done the brakes.

I upload vids to youtube and link them to here. Find it easier
Ok turns out i'm an idiot. The balance weights were skimming the caliper. A few swipes of the file and all is good!
Thanks for all the help fellas. You guys are alright!