Lowered Suspension


Hey guys,

I have a 97 CE Mirage, running 17’s on 205/40. Lowered pedders suspension (-50mm, I believe).
I’ve read that with lower springs you need lower shocks also. I’ve done full front suspension (control arms, rack ends, tie rod ends, cv shafts, basically everything).
Over the months I’ve had a progressively worse rattle coming from the front left side - used to only happen on bumps but now happens consistently, to the point where I keep my passenger window up to avoid hearing it.
Do you think it’s possible the spring isn’t compressed enough and is rattling, or could there be another suspect?
The other 3 corners have no problem at all, just the one...



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Its recommenced to get shocks that match with a lowered spring - instead of a new standard shock lasting say 250k kms on standard springs, a new shock would last maybe 150k kms. Its not overly detrimental for most people, but its a decent difference if you spend the extra on the different shocks.

First thing i would do is take the wheel off and double check every bolt is done up tight/to spec. I've often had suspension and brake bolts loosen themselves over time, and its most noticable initially when going over bumps. If it all looks okay, put the wheel back on and use a mallet to wack the tyre to see where the rattle is coming from.


Awesome, I’ll pull the wheel off and spec everything up when I get time. Will report back with my findings