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Discussion in 'General' started by senator05, Mar 5, 2018.

  1. senator05

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    DO NOT BUY FROM EBAY SELLER iperformance.racing

    I purchased a Walbro GSS342 fuel pump from this seller in March last year for my turbo upgrade.
    I finished the project just before Christmas so the fuel pump has been In the car for 3 months. Last week the fuel pump failed.
    From my Understanding Walbro fuel pumps are quality so I did some investigation and discovered there are fakes circulating. So I found a site that described how to detect a fake.
    Turns out mine is a fake. Giving the seller the benefit of doubt I emailed the seller (still operating and has been since 2005) and mentioned it had failed and stated that maybe unknown to him the product appears to be fake.
    The product description of the listing had and still does state 12 month Australian warranty so I figured that would at least be covered.
    My First reply (to my second email) was that by the time I got the fuel pump to him and then to the manufacturer the warranty would have expired. The warranty expires 17 March 2018 and at the time of my first contact there was still 3 weeks.
    I have sent numerous emails since and each reply has been more aggressive and less professional.
    Honestly I know eBay is risky but I was not aware fake fuel pumps was a thing and the seller has an excellent rating and is an Australian seller so I purchased with a certain level of confidence.

    I have made contact with eBay and their reply was unhelpful only advising to contact consumer affairs or PayPal. Anyone but them.
  2. Crumble

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    Had a simmilar issue but with Yarris coils from ebay... genuine aussie seller legit everything
    The coils failed and well have tried and tried but cannot get in contact with the seller they never reply and I've given up looking for a way to report them
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    Paypal are pretty good with being able to return your cost on the item, even with very little evidence, thats why you pay the premium to use their service. I’d just go through them, see what they say and act swiftly.

    Have a google of the australian consumer law, you should be well covered for a full refund as they sold you a fake product. Save a copy of the listing, all reciepts and transcripts. There’s possibly a guide on the consumer law site on what to do.

    Also not to mention postage time is not your problem, youve mentioned the issue, from that date your warranty claim has been submitted. Sounds like the seller might be lazy or dodgey.,
  4. senator05

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    Thanks for the reply and for your advice. I appreciate it.
    I'll report back if I have any success. Cheers

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