E85 mods for Naturally Aspirated 4G93/4G94

Discussion in 'CE Lancers and Mirages' started by RallyTone, Jun 27, 2019.

  1. RallyTone

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    Hey Guys,

    I’ve been looking into setting up my car to run on E85 and wondering if anyone here has experience with an NA requirements list for a 4G93?
    I see there are a few turbo guys out there that have obviously gone for E85 but I’m unsure of differences to my NA build.

    To run E85 the basic list is:
    E85 fuel pump
    E85 dedicated fuel line
    E85 fuel filter
    Remap computer
    Bigger injectors (for turbo applications)

    My biggest questions lie around the fact that E85 requires 30% more fuel to run and most people I see building for E85 tend to upgrade injectors to suit the extra flow requirement.
    I was told before that standard 4G93 injectors would support up to about 600hp and the computer is the same as the EVO.

    Am I correct in assuming that I could install the E85 pump, lines and filter and then just get the computer remapped to allow the injectors to pulse for 30% longer, along with other dyno tuning tweaks to make it all work?
    With an NA setup will I avoid having to buy bigger injectors?

    Are there any other factors that need consideration in going to NA E85? I guess I’m leaning mostly on the guys that have gone turbo E85 here for info because I really can’t find much info on NA applications that aren’t V8 pushrod engines.

    I’m hoping my stock injectors will be good enough and make this a much cheaper build option. I am buying a new fuel pump etc. anyway so I was investigating if it is financially worth the extra to pay a bit more for E85 parts instead.

    Any input would be appreciated.
  2. Jimmib

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  3. donki

    donki Administrator Forum Administrator

    OEM pump is fine for NA E85 - I'm at/above limit of the stock Mirage fuel pump with 565cc injectors on e85.
    OEM Fuel line is fine for E85. Same with the fuel filter - e85 will strip any varnish in the fuel tank from the years of petrol, so you'll need to change out the fuel filter once or twice when you swap as the gunk leaves the system.

    Correct otherwise with the plan - larger injector because stock injectors are around 80-90% duty cycle (WOT) on petrol, so you fall short of the 30% needed at a minimum. 30% larger injectors is a good start for NA; and a remap to suit.

    Fun fact, the Magna 275cc injectors are almost perfectly 30% larger than the stock 210cc injectors.
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  4. RallyTone

    RallyTone Member

    Thanks for chipping on Jimmib, that calculator will be handy for any setup.

    Thanks Donki, it sounds great I can use all my standard gear except the Injectors. That keeps costs down.
    I did read about the E85 cleaning out the fuel system heavily in my research, it’s good info to pass around to our guys. Definitely want to carry a spare filter around for when it gets blocked.
    As for the Magna 275cc Injectors..... do they bolt straight into a 4G93 rail or do I need to modify it?
    Also what model of Magna has these Injectors?

    When I get this all done I’ll post the results in this thread so other NA builders can follow a setup that works.
  5. donki

    donki Administrator Forum Administrator

    The Magna v6 injectors are straight bolt in - from memory theyre an orange colour.

    Filter doesnt so much as get blocked up, but filters a little less. Like slime in old water bottles lol
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  6. RallyTone

    RallyTone Member

    Thanks mate
  7. unclepaulie

    unclepaulie Well-Known Member Lifetime Premium Member

    Magna would be orange (3.0l) or yellow (3.5l)

    I think I have some oranges at home doing nothing.

    Whilst I am interested to see the gains if any on a 93.....a motor with a decent cam and a good bump in compression would be ideal for e85. Stock comp would give as much gains.
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  8. Jimmib

    Jimmib Member

    out of curiosity does the Ethanol content in E10 have the same cleaning effect as the E85 or is the ~90% petrol enough to counter whatever cleaning effect the ~10% ethanol would otherwise have?
    as I am a HUGE proponent for E10 in ANY standard unleaded (designed) engine?! and have not really noticed any "gumming" up in the fuel filter of cars I have run with the E10 blends...
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  9. RallyTone

    RallyTone Member

    Thanks Unclepaulie I’ve been checking into Magna Injectors. If I need to go for 275cc injectors does that make it the 3.5 yellow ones I need then?

    The 3.0 orange colour part number is CDH-210
    The 3.5 yellow colour part number is CDH-275

    I think that the 210 and 275 is the cc rating, can anyone confirm that is right and has anyone done this 3.5 yellow injector install on a 4G93 fuel rail? Are they bolt on too or is it a custom job?

    Jimmib I think that 10% would clean the system, just not as quickly as E85. Would still probably require a fuel filter replacement at some point. Would just take longer
  10. RallyTone

    RallyTone Member

    For anyone’s reference as to the specs of my intended NA E85 4G93 build:

    Budget dedicated Track racer CE Coupe

    1. Stock block, rods, pistons etc.
    2. Home port and polish job on the head with standard valves (even though an NA build initially I am not going for a mirror finish as I may turbo this much later)
    3. Magna Throttle Body
    4. Standard dealer aftermarket exhaust
    5. Reground Cam
    6. Lightened Flywheel
    7. Magna Injectors
    8. Remap and Tune of stock Computer
    9. EVO fuel pump

    Though my engine is for a Track car I can’t see why this couldn’t be applied to any street registered Lancer. I am just trying to get as much power out of a standard engine on a budget.
  11. Jimmib

    Jimmib Member

    there is a GOSS pump that runs about 50% more than a stock fuel pump and its a straight swap into the stock spot and it's like $120 from SPA ..... not sure what an EVO pump goes for
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  12. RallyTone

    RallyTone Member

    That GOSS pump is the one I have right now. Essentially the same rate as an EVO pump.
  13. donki

    donki Administrator Forum Administrator

    Not really, i covered this in the Fuel Thread. Petrol has detergents, lubricants and such that keep things clean. E85 only has 15% petrol, so there is substantially less of the same in this 15% petrol, and so instead has other chemicals that do the same function to a differing degree. The alcohol in E85 acts as a solvent (as is petrol), but e85 helps to remove the crap leftover from the petrol detergents.
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