6B31 outlander V6 throttle body upgrade for NA / RA


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The 6b31 TB is a 65mm throttle body that will absolutely give you vehicle a decent kick up the backside And unlike the 4g69 TB where there was a ton of work to be done, this is a simple plug and play.
Sort of

There is a radiator hose inlet/outlet at the rear of the unit , these needs to be cut off It will bolt up to the Inlet manifold on the 4b12 and 4b11 You need to get your rom modified as well to allow for the extra air flow or it won't be long before your car throws a CEL and cracks a sad

I have not yet tested on an RA or Evo X However I have no doubt it will work for them and give a very nice performance upgrade at a very affordable price. Again the RA NA and Evo lads will need their ECU rom modify to be done Full dissection is here Go forth and power up the NA The 6b31 will also mate to the RA inlet manifold .
On RA you will need to bore out the Inlet manifold to fit the 65mm TB. This can be achieved with a rotary tool. Beware of all the aluminium shaving though, don't want that thru the motor now do we.