2011 SX Aftermarket Muffler

holly w

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Hi all,
I have a silver 2011 Lancer SX 2.0L five speed manual (it's also my first car, so I'm pretty new to mods and customs), and I'm wanting to put a new muffler on it just to improve the sound of it. I want to find something that isn't too expensive and has a nice tone to it, nothing too loud or stupid. Would someone also be able to tell me the inlet and outlet piping sizes? I'm looking to put some 18" rims, maybe update the headlights/tail lights and possibly a body kit on later down the track, just wanted to get the sound sorted first :)


(pic not mine but practically same)



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I cant tell you the sizing, but for the muffler itself, the better the quality the better the sound.
Generally you can get a muffler shop that will match the piping size anyway, so its not really an issue if youre only after some more noise. Brands like Lukey, or Redback are very decent for the dollar, and the shop will be more than happy to help supply and install those. Higher quality brands like Magnaflow, Remus, and such generally arent stocked on the shelf and the shop could charge a fee to bring it in. Chambered mufflers tend to muffle the sound but keep a nicer note, and straight-though mufflers up the volume and barely add to any tone.