Tech Head Award - NOMINATE NOW!

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Tech Head Award
This award is for the member who you think is AusLancer's resident Lancer guru.

Please place your nominations now. Nominations close next Sunday evening (13th December) at which point we will create the poll for voting.

Please note the rules for the awards:

-Nominees/Winner Must Own a Lancer/Mirage
-To Nominate/Be Nominated, you must be an active member (2 months and > 50posts)
-Self nomination is not acceptable and you cannot do this
-Users can only win 1 award, In the place where a user wins more then 1, the running up will be awarded the award that the winner doesn't want.


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Trondas my go to man.

If you want specific thread pitch and bolt length of some wacky unknown bolt used somewhere im sure he'll know it.
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Crumble. He's on my favourites list. Makes it easy to call when in need.
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