Evo interior map light install?


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Hi guys
Keen to mount map lights and I would like to fit OE Mitsu gear.

I see Evo had map lights - was this the only Lancer range to have them? Did any other Mitsubishi of the period use this map light?

From what I can gather, they are purely a 'map' light, and don't have a setting to turn on when door is opened, which would be a downside.



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I dont think any of the CE range outside of the Evo's came with that map light (in Aus at least) but I think some early model Magna's had them too which make it a bit cheaper / easier to find.
Its just a basic map light (had one in my evo6), no other features and its should be pretty easy to mod to turn on with the doors but I dont think its direct plug an play on CE's as you require the bracket which bolts to the roof crossmember / roof frame and the wiring / loom if you want to be neat.

Years back it was some-what common for people to use map lights from other cars like a VY commodore or even a Magna's as they had the storage compartment too which is a nice bonus, its a fairly simple mod