Door not opening from either side


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I have a 2003 CH VR-X and I was wondering if anyone has experienced the same issue as I have.
My passenger side door one day just randomly decided to stop working, doesn't open from either side. I can hear the door lock and unlock when I use my remote to unlock the doors. Just doesn't open.
Normally I'd write it off as just old car things but it's also my RHR door that does the exact same thing... Would love some advice or potential fixes if anyone has experienced this issue.

I'm guessing I'm probably just going to have to end up biting the bullet and take it to an auto electrician or a locksmith and get charged an arm and a leg for the fix.
Sounds like you can hear the actuator pumping but no joy with the lock.
My guess will be the connecting rods between the locking mechanism and the actuator has probably come off or slipping, its annoyingly common because of the hardware used by Mitsi when they built them.
If you take off the door card you will see a long metal rod connected to the inside lock/latch that will connect to another which if you pull and push on you will see the lock mechanism move. Follow it down till you see something not connected.
Just be careful with the clips as 20+yrs old and may be a bit brittle.

I found this video which I think will either solve your problem or identify the exact cause. Also if you have some skilled hands you can do this without taking out the actual door jam lock
Thanks for showing me this video. That looks like it should be able to identify the issue relatively easily, the main issue is that I can't even physically open the door from either side to be able to actually get the door card off in the first place, it's very frustrating.