DIY: Bee R limiter install + wiring diagram *bang bang*


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hey guys

ive made up a wiring diagram for anyone who wants to use a Bee r on there lancer/mirage :D

very straight forward install, just piggy backs off the ecu and intercepts the signals creating the cut/launch control :twisted:

when installing the bee r follow the wiring diagram and youll be fine, only recommendation is when splicing into the tacho signal wire dont cut it yet, completely wire up the bee r and test it out it out, if the tacho doesn't work after then cut it and splice it into the crank signal wire.

from my experience when installing the bee r limiter i had the cluster tacho drop out when splicing the bee r tacho signal wire in, no idea why,ive read up some cars do it others dont, super strange. solution was to cut the tacho signal wire and splice it into the crank angle sensor wire as ive shown in the diagram :) works exactly the same.

wiring diagram for anyone who doesn't have "the bible" (yes its for an evo4, the locations of the wires you need are exactly the same as the ce lancer/mirage, dont panic :cool: )


here is an insert taken from an article on installing bee r's from driftworks:
Most limiters are Type B. this means that the variable limit is:

0 2500
1 3000
2 3500
3 4000
4 4500
5 5000
6 5500
7 6000
8 6500
9 7000
A 7500
B 8000
C 8500
D 9000
E 9500
F 10000

REV1 is the normal rev limit and REV2 is the limit when Handbrake/switch is engaged.

GAIN sets the frequency and length of cut. the lower the number the quicker the cut. e.g. 1 = bababababa F= BANG!!!......BANG!!!...... IF you set the GAIN to 0 the limiter wil not function.

1. disconnect car battery
2. unplug ecu connectors from ecu, located left side of the passenger side footwell
3. plan where you want to mount the bee r module to give you an idea if youll need to extend the bee r wires to reach the ecu
4. wire you your positive and negative wires to the ecu, DONT solder them yet, just splice and twist them around so you can test the unit first
5. connect your tacho signal and crank signal wires to the ecu, again just twist them around the ecu wire, dont solder yet.
6. connect everything back up, making sure all the wiring is still on.
7. cut the grey looped wire on the Bee R, so the module knows your running a 4cyl and will cut accordingly.
8. hook the battery up lol :roll:
9. start the car and check to see if the tacho signal is working, if it reads 0 then youll have to cut the cluster signal wire and splice it into the crank sensor signal wire. if its reading then leave it.
10. set REV1 on the bee r to either 0 or 1 which would be 2500 or 3000 rpm. rev the car up and see if it cuts at that rpm
11. set REV2 to the same 0 or 1 and test, make sure the GAIN dial is set to anything other then 0, just use 1 for now. if it cuts when the handbrake is up, then your good to solder it all together :thumbup:
11A: if the car isnt cutting at the desired rpm, check the wiring.
11B: if your tacho signal isnt working, just follow the diagram and cut the cluster tacho signal wire and splice that into the crank sensor signal wire (pin 89)
11C. check again to make sure the cluster tacho is working and the launch control is still cutting at desired rpm
12.repeat steps 1 and 2 and remove all the ecu connectors again, being careful not to pull apart your temporary twisted bee r wiring
13. solder all your wiring to the ecu, i recommend using shrink wrap anywhere you can, if not use some liquid shrink wrap on wrapping hard spots, if not electrical tape is a last resort as its better then nothing.
14. connect everything back up, double check the car still cuts correctly at the desired rpm then tidy up all your wiring and mount the bee r and start experimenting with different cuts and bangs :twisted:

keep in mind this is not recommended for cars fitted with catalytic converters, it does wreck them quicker but if your using it for around 5 seconds then it should be ok :)

enjoy!!! :thumbup:

disclaimer: im not responsible for blown cat's, engines, ecu's, fouled plugs etc, don't sit on the limiter for over 20 sec. 5-10 sec is plenty