ch lancer to become a modular powered axle unit for load shifting and hooning.


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howdy all, i'm a metalworker in newcastle and have just procured a sept 04, chom41 lancer es, whatever that means! i'm stripping it to it's bones and cutting the back off behind the b pillars, where i'll fit a portal frame that will enable connection to a trailing single rear wheel or connection to another similar fwd car with similar modification to create the push me/ pull me 4wd/4ws fun. have i lost you yet? anyway, it's an art project that has grown legs and is under way. so, i read here somewhere that i need to be fairly forum forthcoming to advertise parts for sale. 150 posts and gold stars or something? i hope its ok to mention here that i need to lose all the comfort and conformance bits of this car and i've advertised such on fb marketplace. five bucks per part is what i wrote there, i'll sharpen the pencil for forum mob though. come and get it before i bin it. anything it doesnt need to run is up for grabs. i just need it gone (or 'gorn' on fb).
anyhow, happy motoring and keep the rubber side down.
dougie bull.