Buying another lancer


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Hi All,
just got back from looking at at cj lancer cvt 2014. Nice car, all services done, drove really well.


When the car was slowing to a standstill and the cvt changed to the lower ratio, there was a whine or wooshing noise as it came to a stop. It did it when the car was hot or cold. It did not make noise any other time when driving, just when coming to a stop.

The car has 100k kms but when looking at the service book the box for cvt oil change was not ticked at 90k service.

Is this noise normal as the cars get a few kms on them? Or is it a sign that the oil needs changing or has the cvt got a problem?

My own Lancer with 38k kms does not make this noise.

Anyone come across this before?