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Hi guys, I've heard of a product called bumper black that is good for doing the interior... apparently it comes in a kit, does anyone know where to get it, I've tried Super Cheap but they haven't heard of it?????


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SCA and Repco definitely sell products to do the trick but sometimes it goes by various names like bumper restore, plastic restore, Trim restore etc...

I have never used the stuff myself so I cant comment on to which brand / product works best but there are loads of reviews and stuff on youtube which should help narrow down which one will suit your needs


Mother, mcguire's, Autoglm and even sca/repco have their own brands of the product, I would probably stay away from Tyre black stuff as iv had bad experiences with it staining / streaking the plastic and leaving a strange color hue to the plastic (not sure if rubber and plastic applications require different formulas maybe?)

Since you were looking at doing Interior stuff iv heard some people use paint or vinyl dye but iv never been a big fan of it due to general ware/tare making it look like ass after a while so I fabric trim as much as humanly possible and replace stock grey parts with black parts where i can.

Post some pics and stuff when you do it, sounds interesting


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Hey mate!

For some reason every brand seems to rebrand their plastic cleaner/shiner every few years so it’s hard to keep a track of which product is right/best.

It’s usually only like $10-20 for a small bottle of anything which will do you like 6 months of cleaning the whole car. I used to use an armour all product which they no longer sell. Anything will be fine at the end of the day. Take before and after pics.

Wipe the surface over from dust before you apply anything. Apply lightly, youll be surprised how far it spreads. It wont be perfect first go. Wait a month. Re- apply. After a couple times, you’ll notice it stops looking really different - that’s when it’s nearly completely restored. Let us know how you go!