Alternator or starter motor problem?


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Last week for some reason, the 2004 ch lancer did not k8ck while trying to get it to start.
I pushed started it and did not have any issues until yesterday, s the red battery warning light came on, later on the car stalled while driving, as it completedly died.
Tried stsrting it 20 minutes later and no problem starting, however after some distance travelled same thing happens again, it stalls and dies off.
Since am new to this and not mechanically minded, dont know if it would be an alternator or starter motor ptobllem.


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Hows the age of the battery? A dead battery will cause driving issues and no/bad starting (slow starter rotation, getting slower the more times it tries). If the battery is new, then its would be an alternator issue.


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Sounds like it's not charging so alternater fault possibly. Charge the battery. Then with the engine running use a multi meter to check the charge rate. If the alternater is charging you should see between 12.5 volts and 14.2 volts.


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check battery, and if that is dead, charge it, put it back in, run the car for a little without taking it anywhere, check battery again, if battery is low alternator is gone or it could be a wire that connects to it. check wiring leading to it, make sure it is all plugged in and not frizzled. if all that is ok, then i would say ded alt


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Easiest to do check battery terminals. If your wearing a pair of hard soled shoes

Take one off and give the battery terminals a tap or two, not too hard.