4g69 windage tray/oil pan baffle mod


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Hey everyone, as far as I’ve seen the 4g69 engines never came with an oil windage tray like the 4g63’s came with.

I understand that the 4g69 was not built with performance in mind like its older cousin was, however i’d like to experiment with this sometime to get the most of the mitsubishi big block 4 banger.

From what i’ve seen the more oil that can escape and get off of the crank as its rotating, the better; less rotating mass = quicker revving, and possibly a small power gain.

I’m wondering if a windage tray kit like the Tomei 4g63 kit, would work on a 4g69? After comparing exploded images of 69 and 63 oil pans they look similar but wondering if anyones attempted this.IMG_8425.pngIMG_8428.jpegIMG_8426.jpeg
Maybe get your hands a 63 oil sump, probably bolts right up?

Then you can add the aftermarket plates no stress.

Otherwise DIY the plates to suit a 69 and save some cash. The factory pans hold oil supply okay for track use, they do have a decent size plate/baffle.
Interestingly there does exist a windage plate for the 4g69 i found out, only added onto the Mitsubishi grandis for the middle eastern and maybe american market as far as i know.IMG_8447.jpeg

It does look favourable as it covers the whole crank area, but this is probably a hard part to come by so i’d rather put my money in making the tomei kit work