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    Snels 4G93 swap

    Backstory: I've been helping a mate with a 4g93 swap into a CE mirage over the past couple months and due to neither of us having a lot of time and hes given up on it. I will be taking it from him if we can get it going soon so that I can drive it to mine before the rego runs out. I have done...
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    CE track build help

    Hey everyone, First time playing with lancers and just after a bit of help. Building a dirt cheap track car for 24 hours of lemons racing (if you don’t know it look it up! Great fun). Anyway have an ‘02 CE 1.8 and wondering who in Vic if possible can help me delete the immobiliser and what...
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    Immobiliser information.

    Hi first time post. Just wanted to post some handy information that I learned by trial and error. Son bought a fairly unroadworthy 2001 lancer to get on the road, but as we started to tick jobs off the list of repairs he lost the key and as I learned the hard way, it was game over for that car...