ce sedan

  1. B

    Quiet aftermarket catback (or just muffer) suggestions?

    Hi guys, I have an Auto 2001 Lancer CEII Sedan GLXi with 4G93. I am currently running the stock exhaust, and previously had a cheap ebay cannon that was very droney and obnoxious. I bought a replacement stock muffler but didn't realise it wasn't stainless steel and hence didn't apply a...
  2. DemstarAus

    Door Seals (rear)

    Hello All, Seeking advice/source for a set of door seals for a 2002 CE Lancer. I really only need the rears but if you know of a set they come with I'd do that too. I'm having a little trouble finding the right thing using Le Google. Or a seal off a different model that also fits... It is time...
  3. User_Driver

    Wiring foglights!

    Hey everyone, hoping someone can shed some...light... and help me figure out how to wire up my foglights. So basically I have only bought driving lights that I tinted yellow. I want to wire them up to my High beams (actually to my low beams shhhh), with the oem foglight switch that I have. My...