1. C

    ECU swap 4g69 lancer??

    Hey guys got a 2006 lancer 4g69, Want to send my ecu over to RPW for an immobiliser unlock and a reflash but don't want me car sitting around as Im nowhere near their shop. If I got my hands on an ecu of the same model at the wreckers, could I send it over to get the work done, plug it into my...
  2. PapaG

    CH lancer 4G69 Oil Pressure Sender info

    So I was really struggling to find any info on the CH lancer 4G69 oil pressure sender. After finding some info, I was able to do the repair and wanted to post for people in the future. In America, the 4th Gen Mitsubishi Eclipse also sported the 4G69, I was able to find this video showing the...
  3. W

    07 4g69 torque specs for pressure plate to flywheel?

    Hi all. I am replacing the clutch in my 07 2.4l lancer. Messaged the seller of the clutch asking if it comes with a torque spec sheet and they said no but it’s similar to OEM. Would anyone happen to know what the OEM torque specs for the pressure plate to fly wheel are or where I can get a free...
  4. R

    4g69 headers

    im doing a 4g69 swap into my mirage as the old g15 bit the dust, i noticed that the 4g69 has 2 cats, if i where to make my own headers and have one high flow cat in the same place as the original one would the car still run or would i have to tune it
  5. D

    4g94 swap for 4g69

    Hey guys and gurls! I'm fairly new to cars still and about to do an engine swap after my timing belt slipping in my 2004 CH ES lancer with a 4g94 in it.. So a legend of a friend has giving me a 4g69 out of a 2005 CH ES lancer.. My question for you gods of the lancers, how hard is this going to...
  6. Harlow

    RPW Exhaust troubles.

    Hello auslancer! Im in desperate need of answers! I recently bought a RPW 4-1 Header system for the Lancer CH 2.4l , Everything was going smoothly till we got the exhaust off and realized we only have 2 o2 sensors not 3 like the extractors and Hiflow cat have. On the New Extractor / Hiflow...