1. Harlow

    RPW Exhaust troubles.

    Hello auslancer! Im in desperate need of answers! I recently bought a RPW 4-1 Header system for the Lancer CH 2.4l , Everything was going smoothly till we got the exhaust off and realized we only have 2 o2 sensors not 3 like the extractors and Hiflow cat have. On the New Extractor / Hiflow...
  2. T

    Exhaust Suggestions

    G'day, I have a 06 ES CH Lancer with a 2.4L engine. It sounds nice and has a crackle to it with the current exhaust, which I like. But I would like it louder as it isn't very noisy. It has a 2.25" cat-back pipe with a resonator and a straight through muffler. I was just wondering if anyone...