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Gus 05 vrx

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Just a quick one guys just wanted to know if anyone else has gotten this issue and if they have managed to get rid of the tackiness whilst keeping the trim intact

Gus 05 vrx

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I would think so but I would of thought it would remove the trim as well but ill try a small patch today and see.


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Try the Citrus cleaning products for automotive use, they generally use citric acid over alcohol to remove crap so it can be less invasive on the surface. comes in a few different ratio mixtures too.

If your thinking about wrapping or painting id say wrap unless you do a decent spray job. 99% of the rattle can jobs i have seen over the years dont last long before they need touching up. its a fairly simple piece so wrapping in vinyl wont be too hard. could even wrap in interior mesh fabric or leather for extra swagger points ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
lots of options