So, I just bought a blue 2009 CJ VRX and I'm looking to start my modding journey with it.


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As stated in the title I'm new to the whole modding community and this is my first car so I'm looking to have something that looks and sounds good while getting some power out of it later on in my journey. any recommendations on what I could do first would be great obviously I've got a small budget being young but anything that i can slowly work towards would be great as well. thanks. I've attached a photo of my car so you can see what it looks like now untouched.


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on a budget i would reccomend going to scrap yards and seeing if you can get lucky with any ralliart bumpers/bonnets that match your colour. base model lancers dont have much potential for performance mods that are cheap but there are a lot of mods to improve handling like sway bars, coilovers and strut braces. you can also get ralliart snorkel intakes that can give a good intake sound and might give you a little extra power. the only good exhaust i have seen online for cj lancers are xforce but you could always call local exhaust fabricators to see what they can do for you. get yourself some clean rims and decent tyres. there are also a lot of really cheap/free mods you can do to give your car some character like painting your brake calipers, blacking out reflectors and badges, getting some tint film to smoke your headlights and taillights, buying a tow hook/ strap or even just using the original one in your boot and maybe painting it to make it look better. there are a lot of cool accessories on ebay like custom lights, shfiters, seatbelt covers. just little things to spice up your lancer.

Best of luck with your mods and sorry if some of this doesnt make sense.
welcome dude,
plenty of things you can do with these cars either with cheap mods or DIY stuff which can certainly keep you busy for a long time.
Getting some rims and low is a quick and easy way to get some better drivability and stance, second hand market is often littered with top shelf parts for cheap. just make sure they're not smoked