Slowest Build - VOTE NOW!

Who had the slowest progress on their build in 2015?

  • Res

    Votes: 8 47.1%
  • unclepaulie

    Votes: 3 17.6%
  • ARC

    Votes: 1 5.9%
  • BI65ND

    Votes: 2 11.8%
  • puk33

    Votes: 3 17.6%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Forum Administrator
Slowest Build
This award is for the member who's build is progressing very slowly, but has been making steady progress over the last year.

Due to the number of nominees, only those with two nominations have been included for voting.

The successful nominees were:
  1. @Res
  2. @unclepaulie
  3. @ARC
  4. @BI65ND
  5. @puk33

Please place your votes now. Voting will be open for the next 7 days.

Please note the rules for the awards:
-Nominees/Winner Must Own a Lancer/Mirage
-Users can only win 1 award, In the place where a user wins more then 1, the runner up will be awarded the award that the winner doesn't want.