RVR to CA?

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Hi all. My first post here, awesome site. I have an RVR 4G63T AWD front cut. engine is on passenger side. I am looking at a 1990 Lancer 4 door, considering this car for an AWD conversion. I searched a few forums, sorry if this has been discussed before. My question is, is it a fairly straight forward conversion? I know the rear diff mounts will be a lot of work, but is the front part the same? Can i fit the RVR X-Member? Any tips much appreciated, or direct me to the right place.
cheers, shane


To be honest, you're better off asking this question over on 4gtuner. There'd be a bit more knowledge on this type of stuff over there.


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^^ agreed, our knowledge starts at CC but mostly CE and not a lot of the OG 4g guys still bobbing around here.