My 2017 lancer revs up and down @60kmph during uphill


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Im from South Australia, my lancer revs up and down @60 during uphill(both cruise on and off)
And its not happening at any other speeds. Tried to take it to Mitsubishi, Autolinc and other mechanics too, surprisingly none found any issues in car. But my car is still revs up and down.

And the strange thing is it happens only on grand junction road, gepps cross uphill road when i travel towards holden hill and especially during night time only. Daytime driving is fine. Please help me out.


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Because the cause is almost phenomenon like i would start with:
- Give intake sensor a clean just in case the temperature given day/time etc makes the issue.
- See if you can borrow or buy depending on the price an Auto ECU (Not main ecu, but separate transmission one) and see if issue remains.


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auto as in proper auto or auto as in CVT?

cause im sure the 2017 CF's are CVT....if its CVT, sounds like its just flaring the rpm to get up the hill