Most Inspired Build/Person - NOMINATE NOW!

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Most inpirational build/person
This award is for the members whose work/build has inspired you the most in carrying out your own build.

Please place your nominations now. Nominations close next Sunday evening (13th December) at which point we will create the poll for voting.

Please note the rules for the awards:

-Nominees/Winner Must Own a Lancer/Mirage
-To Nominate/Be Nominated, you must be an active member (2 months and > 50posts)
-Self nomination is not acceptable and you cannot do this
-Users can only win 1 award, In the place where a user wins more then 1, the runner up will be awarded the award that the winner doesn't want.


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John - got to help and see it actually come together. Jmos close second, engine in/engine out skills on fleek.


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Matt_Dean, cos driving his build inspired and made me realise all the little nitty gritty driving feel things I was missing in my build
Joshy-Morris, cos 6a and im super jelly and inspired to get mine working.


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Ive done a fair bit to my cars now so its hard to find inspiration from any certain build,

But id say trondas attention to detail is definately inspiring as is tnols *wally*pit. Wowaweewa tidy.
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