Its "2013 Forum Awards" Time again!

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Greetings fellow Auslancerians.

Time has come for the annual forum awards, nomination threads have been posted, feel free to nominate members for each particular category.

For those that weren't present this time last year, it will proceed as follows.

1. Nominations made by members will be open for approximatley 2 weeks.
2. Nominees will then be entered into a poll for each award.
3. Members can vote as they wish for each award, voting will be open for approx 2 weeks.
4. Votes will be finalised and awards given.

Ryan also has stickers or similar I think for the award winners, to go along with the street cred that is won.

Questions/Queries, post below (or above depending how you view the forum)



Re: Its "2013 Forum Awards" Time again!

Can we make a "highest contributor to auslancer scene"?????

I have one nominee in mind.... Just might be a good one for some of the people that put all there spare time and weekends to helping the auslancer community. Just a nice thankyou.
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