Inherited mint CC Exec manual, two fixes


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Hi everyone, I'm in Sydney and recently inherited a very original and we'll cared for 1995 CC Executive manual sedan. Always serviced, always garaged very clean unmodified. Only 140000km and a ccreditt the former elderly owner.

It is my wife's deceased mother's car and we want to keep it running mostly for sentimental reasons. Not wanting mods but just keep it working nicely as a spare car.

Two things I'd like to look at possibly fixing, but also opinions on how essential these fixes are when weighed up against time effort and money to fix

1. Manual shift lever is very loose when in gear and has a lot of left-right free play.
It drives fine and can select gears with no problem. It just feels bad. Does this pose a safety risk? Are there suggested fixes?

2. The drivers seat belt retractor is quite weak, and the belt doesn't retract by itself without a bit of help. Operationally it locks in fine but the driver must ensure the belt is snug. If there is an adjustment I can make that would be great, or else replace the belt?
Either way I would need to take of the trim cover, I'm not sure how to do this and would like suggestions so I can avoid breaking anything.

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G'day and welcome Phil999,

Being a Front wheel drive, the gear lever operates via cables to the gearbox. Id suggest first checking the gearbox cable mounts, as these mount with rubber bushes and could have worn over time. Failing this, the shifter mechanism itself is a balljoint, and while im not sure if replacement parts are still available, a fresh dob of grease may help with some slop. Safety wise, as long as it "clunks" into gear there is no issue.

Belts can be purchased from most auto-parts stores; Super Cheap Auto, Autobarn, Repco, and Bursons should all stock them. If you want to try to do a home remedy yourself, pull the belt all the way out, and tie it off (a few pegs or something along the lines). Wash the belt well with hot soapy water, and rinse. Keep the belt out to let it dry overnight, and then when its fully dry use a dry lubricant. The internet suggests silicon spray, but this will over time collect dirt, so any sort of dry lube (with PTFE/teflon) should do the trick.



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Thank you kindly for the fast reply, I will have a look at these on the weekend. Much appreciated.

This is a fine car and otherwise in excellent condition. It's not fast or powerful, but it is so light it handles well and is fun to drive in an old school way. It's much more raw compared to modern cars.