Hi peeps. 4g15 to 4g63 in progress.


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Hi, usually loved larger cars such as wagons and euro cars, but found a pretty bagned up ce for sale.
After having the passat on stands yet again I thought it was time to get a more reliable car for when it's out of order lol
After a few weeks I kind of liked it more being so nimble and easy to work on.
Now knowing the potential to just about mod anything without canbus and euro prices looming I'm heading towards a 4g63 build. Originally was a 93 but I see more potential towards a stronger powerplant even with another possible bastard hyundai bottom end swap if things get hairy lol
Well that's my two cents so far, currently looking towards everything ce and evo areas to swap


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Welcome aboard.

It’ll be fun, loads of wheel spin. Still fun though.
Covid tax is killing Evo stuff at the moment like any sort after carscand

Depending on your budget and what your goals are you might want to consider a 93 or 69 + Turbo instead and save a few $$$

Many options and things to consider.