CJ towbar wiring??


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Hi folks
I am fitting a towbar to my 2010 CJ Sportback ES. Fitting the bar is easy, in fact it looks like the easiest towbar I've ever done.
But I have never fitted a towbar on a computer controlled car. In the past I just wired the light socket myself with a pair of pliers and a test meter. (oh my god, am I that old?)
I believe there is a multi pin plug above the left side rear wheel arch? I haven't looked for it yet, but are there any tips for me when I go to connect it?
And the single wire under the bonnet that needs connecting to the battery positive.... Where is it??
thanks heaps


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I'm planning on fitting my 2010 cj sportback with a towbar as well, did you get a towbar specifically for a sportback, or do the hatches and sedans use the same bar mount?