Ch 4 stud wheel specs

Hi I’m new to lancers. First post
I have a 2007 ch wagon with 15 inch factory steel wheels with 4x114.3 pcd.
No idea of the factory offset or centre bore size. Inter webs Information varied greatly so I thought I’d ask here to confirm the wheel specs.
Looking to upgrade the ugly stock wheels to some 17s if I can find some. Sorry if it’s been asked a million times. Cheers


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Hey mate, same specs as the 5stud CH, which we discussed recently. Really need to know your desired wheel width.

For 6” wide look for +15 to +25 (can go as far as 0)
For 7” wide look for +20 to +30
For 8” wide they must be +38 or less. Ideally+30 to +38mm

It you go deeper than +38 on 8” the wheel will likely foul the rear trailing arm. Pending tyre size you may need to cut the front lip.

For reference 17x8 +38 is tidy and SNUG. No poke. Looks gud and won’t get you defected.


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Let us know what you end up getting! Pics are always appreciated.

If you end up going 17”, I’d say to find something 6-7” wide and slap 205/45r17 tyres on it. Tyre sizes can be annoying to match up to keep your speedo correct!
I actually ordered a set of 16x7 wheels with 205/50/16 tyres last night through tempe tyres.... got to going over the car today while changing the oil and had a rude awakening...
Turns out shocks are stuffed, front and rear,brakes,also had to do rocker cover gasket and spark plug tube seals,spark plug tubes were full of oil,new spark plugs,lower front control arms(bushes,balljoints) tie rod ends,sway bar links/d bushes,cv' never ends.
Driving much better already after doing all shocks and tyres,nice wheels might be a way off for now.
Basically the whole car is worn out.
I had to cancel the wheel order and spend the money getting the car safe/roadworthy again,im grateful tempe let me cancel the order,they were totally cool about it.
Cars are fun
Thankyou again for the help
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My bank account finally recovered after basically paying to rebuild the car so I managed to get some new wheels.
Got some rays copies and 205 45 16 kumho ps71 tyres.
38 offset 7 inch wide.
They sit flush with the guard in the front and just inside on the back.
Tyres are exactly the same rolling diameter as the stock 195 55 15 steel wheels.
New rims each weigh around 1.8 kg less than stock rims.
I think it looks better than stock.
Could only get the really average pics to work.
Last pic is with the stockies
Also got a 98 octane tune done
Waiting on my torque solution short shifter and got new shift link bushes from Mitsubishi for the shifter install when it finally arrives, and a Makkinen gear knob. That’s it for now…..
Always gets more out of hand cash wise than it should,need another daily for my daily.


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I forget to document the stuff I do, I’m not real great at the internet.
Pity about evo lancers being so popular because any genuine spares that suit the wagon are pricy!
Probably spent easy 4 grand so far, lucky it’s insured for 10g….