AWD Lancers?


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It depends what series you’re referring to but I’m only aware of a few myself.

The CC Series(Evo1-3 generation) had a GSR 1.8T awd version

The CE Series(Evo4-6 generation) also had a GSR 1.8T awd version, a non turbo 1.5 DOHC AWD version called the Lancer MX sedan. And also an extremely rare Mirage/Colt AWD as well mostly only seen in Europe.

I can’t comment on the GC/CH(Evo7-9) era lancers, I don’t know enough about them.

Moving on to your newest CJ lancers having the new Ralliart’s.

I’m pretty confident all models had some sort variant with an AWD option, but not many made it out of Japan or otherwise only available to a few counties in Asia and then trickled in to counties like New Zealand that have little to no laws on import cars.
Here in Australia they’re all pretty rare, mostly brought in as a private import.