Any difference in fuel flaps between cc sedan and coupe’s ?


Been awhile, did not think I would ever get back into a cc coupe.

‘‘Twas a Friday morning, just sat down at my desk after a cuppa, I decided to checkout what was on offer at pickles… as we all do procrastinating to work on Friday…

Saw a cc coupe GL listing with 131k kms auto in almost mint condition. Photos didn’t show any roof rust. A dent and a broken front lhs blinker. Tape deck, a/c, psteer, no keys-abandoned car. Told myself if it goes for less than $1k I’m gonna bid on it…..

So now I’m staring at a cc coupe GL in my driveway that runs almost perfectly. Immense nostalgia coming from this ( I had 4 cc coupe’s previously)

Question: I’ve gotta pry the fuel flap open since no keys. Back when there was pick and payless, I picked a fuel flap from a cc coupe GLXi and retro fitted it to my GL that I had back then.
Is the sedan’s fuel or satria fuel flaps the same?

…. Miss the days….