1. Vanillarun

    Fitting Lancer cedia ralliart parts to my CG lancer

    I got a hold of a Cedia grille of off ebay, Really pleased with how easy the mod was and how nice it ended up looking over the stock grille I know I really need to get a hold of a nicer bumper and I was wondering if any of the CT9A evo parts were a bolt on to save me shipping in a cedia...
  2. B

    No start help please...

    Hi guys so my car won’t start and was just wondering if I could get some help. So bit of background for what I’ve done in an attempt to fix/problems A couple of weeks ago started idling really crappy and got error codes for the MAF sensor, the air temp sensor and variable valve timing. So...
  3. B

    Starter motor

    Hi all I’m new here so long story short I have a 2009 Cj lancer Ralliart and the starter motor has *poo* itself was just wondering if anyone could tell me the easiest way to remove it preferably with Out undoing the intake