1. lalaman

    Mirage 4g15 to 4g94 conversion

    Hey guys, Just completed my conversion in my 2001 Manual mirage and it looks factory. Going brilliant 2 weeks in and need a bigger clutch already have a HD clutch to install so good to go. Anyone interested in what it takes heres my shopping list. Donor car was a 2004 CH CG Lancer Manual...
  2. N

    engine workshop manual

    Hi guys, Just after a work shop manual for the 4G94 SOHC engine. I found one online, but I am not convinced it is right, as the valve clearances for the IN and EX say 0.09 and 0.2 respectively. On the underside of my hood, there is an OEM Mitsubishi sticker, it says 0.2 and 0.3 respectively. So...
  3. W

    CVT to Manual transmission. possible?

    Hi all New to Lancers and rather curious about them as I might want to modify my Lancer in the future. One of them being, is it possible to go from CVT to manual? I have a Lancer ES 2015 w/ CVT. I sometimes feel odd about CVT, I like it then at other times I don't *sigh*.... What I'm saying...