evo 5

  1. DirkOz

    CE Lancer Denji Driving/Fog lights

    I was able to get a replacement by contacting DENJI directly. http://www.denji.com/index.php/en/fog-driving-spot-light/item/153-halogen-spot-light If anyone wants a set, I can send you the email address. I paid $15 for a single replacent lamp, as I already had a housing.
  2. DirkOz

    Newbie from Canberra CE Lancer EVO 5 Clone

    Recently bought an unfinished project CE Lancer that's been fitted with an aftermarket EVO 5 body kit. Has fibreglass side skirts, front bar and big rear wing. Came with spare original EVO bonnet [Bonnet was Sold $1,000] (still in it's box) spare original front and rear bumpers and the small...