1. I

    lancer ce gli sedan 1998 bodykit?

    can anyone help locate a website where I can find the names and or buy the bodykits in Australia I would like the evo4 front bumper but I cannot find one anywhere I would really appreciate the help I can easily find bodykits for the coupe but not the sedan?
  2. L4ncerN0ob

    Dumb Question

    Hey so I am curious if it is at all possible to replace the front bumper on a 2017 Black Edition ES Lancer with your typical Ralliart bumper. As I am not a particular fan of the new fronts on the lancers. Thanks
  3. C

    2016 Lancer Bumper Replacement

    Hi All So I have recently had a very frustrating incident in which have have dented and cracked my rear bumper. The damage appears to have only damaged the one panel (Image provided). I am looking to know if any knows any cheap repair/replacement places as I would like to avoid a $1,000 excess...