Wiring a FTO Cluster using Mirage/Lancer body wiring. 6a12 V6 Swap info Manual gearbox version


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Having recently done this swap and everything working as should thought I'd save everyone the hassle of comparing wiring diagrams between the two cars.

Some wires will need to be extended I dont have note of what one's but it will be clear when doing the swap.

There will be some wires left over on the Lancer/Mirage side as the wiring is pre installed for Auto pretty sure I had 7/8 unused wires at the end I just cut these out and blanked with electrical tape (no power goes through these they go to an unused plug for the Auto ECU)

Having a spare set of plugs to change over one by one instead of pulling all the wires out will make this swap extremly easy.

**** This is for keeping the original Lancer/Mirage body loom and not fitting FTO Loom over as some people do when carrying out this conversion ****

B07 Pins 31 to 55

Pin 31 Red/Black to C06 Pin 32 Door open in
Pin 32 Blue/Orange to C06 31 Door open out
Pin 33 White to C05 21 RPM in
Pin 34 Black to c05 22 RPM out
** Pin 37 Black/Yellow to C05 pin 23 and c06 Pin 50 Backround lights out ** You will need to join an extra wire to this to light up both sides of the cluster
** Pin 38 Green/White to C05 Pin 24 and c06 Pin 51 Backround lights in ** You will need to join an extra wire to this to light up both sides of the cluster
Pin 41 Red/Blue to c06 Pin 37 Fuel gauge
Pin 42 Black/White to C06 Pin 33 Check engine in
Pin 42 Black/White to C06 Pin 33 Charge light in
Pin 44 Yellow/Red to C06 Pin 53 High beam in
Pin 45 Red/Yellow to C06 Pin 54 High beam out
Pin 46 Black/Red to C06 Pin 44 Brake warning light
Pin 51 Yellow to C06 pin 49 KPH In
Pin 53 Limegreen/Black to C05 Pin 11 Check engine out
Pin 54 Blue to C05 Pin 10 Charge Light out
Pin 55 Yellow/Blue to c05 9 oil pressure switch

B08 Pins 1 to 25

Pin 1 Black to C06 Pin 39 Fuel/Temp gauge out
Pin 2 Yellow/Black to C06 Pin 42 Temp gauge out
Pin 3 Red/White to c06 Pin 38 fuel gauge out
Pin 10 Green to C05 Pin 5 LH Indicator in
Pin 11 Black to C05 Pin 6 Indicator Out Earth
Pin 14 Green/red to C06 Pin 36 RH Indicator in
Pin 22 Red/Black to C06 48 Ign power

B08 and B07 are Lancer/Mirage referenced plugs in wiring diagrams

C06 and C07 are FTO referenced plugs in wiring diagrams

Factory Lancer/Mirage wiring

Factory FTO Wiring as you can see alot less wiring due to no extra Auto wiring

These are the wires I had left over and cut out/blanked

They are the exact same plugs here are the pins numbers

End result should look something along the lines of this.

Here is a video I made on how to De-pin the plugs. just need a very small flat head screwdriver. It's alot easier to do when not trying to keep the video in focus haha

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